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The 360report Promises

70% less creation time

You will save time

By presenting complex reporting standards and norms as a series of intuitive screens requesting the necessary data, 360report greatly reduces the time spent on manual data processing. Data in electronic form can be imported directly, further reducing the time needed for data collection.

80% less creation costs

You will save money

When 360report has collected all the data it automatically creates a report that complies with a required standard. Reports can be generated to all current standards. The reports are certifiable and can be formatted and customized at will. The report highlights opportunities for improvement that can assist with the control of the business.

100% Flexibility

You will retain flexibility

360report can show any number of reporting standards, locations and suppliers in a report. You can define company-internal or industry standards as a standard report format. Plug-ins and extensions are available to increase work efficiency and enhance the impact of your reports.

You will increase your reporting efficiency and your supply chain control

Ralf Hellmann, Geschäftsführer von Dibella

"The promises of 360report place us, the customer, in the center and put us in an optimum position to deal with the reporting requirements of today and the future. This gives us long-term planning security in the face of ever-increasing reporting requirements and changes in laws and regulations."

Ralf Hellmann, CEO Dibella GmbH

E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH (Strom- und Gasanbieter)

MLP AG - Finanzberatung

AR Packaging Group

Bilfinger Real Estate GmbH

Lufthansa City Center Reisebüropartner



360 report’s key competence is based on our software portfolio which enables an organization to efficiently generate sustainability reports with certifiable conformance to a defined standard. The software’s modular design enables it to be adapted and expanded as the organization evolves.

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