Calculate, reduce and offset your CO2 emissions: Compile your CO2 report that conforms with Scope 1, 2 and 3 of Greenhouse Gas Protocol with our software as a service solution. The intelligent feedback system provides concrete goals for reducing your company’s carbon emissions. Based on the input data, 360report generates automatically your detailed CO2 report including information about system boundaries and data collection, graphics and your sustainability goals. The calculated CO2 emissions can directly be offset with 360report.

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How it works - CO2 report
In few steps to your CO2 report

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The software as a service solution of 360report helps you to collect and aggregate within a short time all relevant data of your company for the determination of your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions regarding the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol).

Absolutely unique is the user-friendly and innovative input logic that leads the user through the entire process of compiling a CO2 report and makes possible a quick inventory of the status quo regarding to the company’s CO2 emissions. In a simple way, all direct and indirect emissions – that means company internal as well as supply chain emissions – are calculated and documented. Due to the innovative input logic you can compile your report without specific previous knowledge and with hardly any entry of free text. Moreover, because of the conception as software as a service (saas) no installation or special training is needed before using the program. Updates and the integration of new services and functions are carried out automatically. You can start recording the data immediately and easily.

The software’s integrated intelligent feedback system suggests concrete goals for the reduction of CO2 emissions based on the input data and helps you to improve and control your environmental performance. As a result, prioritization of options for action and the development of concrete action plans is simplified significantly. After entering the data and the definition of goals you generate your CO2 report as PDF and Word documents which you can edit and design with your personal corporate layout. If you are interested in the preparation and an individual design for your report, 360report has attractive service offers.

With 360report you can offset directly the calculated CO2 emissions. Our partner for CO2 compensation is klimarebellen. Via our website you can easily invest in climate protection projects to compensate your CO2 emissions.

In addition to ecological aspects, social topics are entering more and more into the focus. A CO2 report builds an ideal starting point for comprehensive sustainability reporting according to international CSR-standards (GRI, UN Global Compact, ISO 26000). The advantage of 360report: You can easily upgrade your account for CO2 reporting to an account for sustainability reporting. The paid licence fee for the CO2 report is set against the fee for the upgraded account. All input data will be transferred to your new account. You can start immediately with creating your sustainability report!

360report – the perfect tool for measuring and offsetting your company’s CO2 emissions!