General questions

  1. Can different people/departments work on the report?
  2. Is it possible to edit the report subsequently?
  3. What is the meaning of the „Status“ in the indicator overview?
  4. What happens if I respond to the question „Would you like to provide information on this indicator in your sustainability report?“ with „No“?
  5. Which information can I give in the field „Additional optional input regarding this indicator?
  6. What happens with indicators, I do not edit in any way?
  7. Where do I find definitions of the terms and information for purchasing required data?
  8. What means the tab „Goals“?
  9. Do I always have to export all edited indicators or can I export only selected indicators?
  10. Saves the application my data permanently?
  11. My input data is gone. What happened?
  12. What about data security and data protection when using 360report?
  13. Where is my input data saved?
  14. How can I terminate the licence contract?

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A list of all definitions of the terms used you find in the Glossary.