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With 360report you can generate a sustainability report in accordance with international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI ), UN Global Compact and ISO 26000.

An overview of the functions of our sustainability reporting software

from 2.900 EUR p.a.

Meets all current global sustainability standards

The software incorporates the international reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI ), ISO 26000, UN Global Compact. Even if you need to report to several standards, only a single data entry is sufficient to meet all the reporting requirements.

Materiality analysis and the automatic identification of significant aspects

For sustainability reporting standards such as GRI  that do not require reporting on all aspects, 360report identifies the aspects and stakeholder issues that are significant for your organization and the industry you operate in.

CO2-credit report included

Based on the data entered for CO2 emissions, a CO2 credit report is created as required by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The CO2 credit report and a CO2 footprint can be exported separately. If necessary, the report can be extended to conform to the standard of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

When creating your sustainability report, you benefit from all the advantages of 360report:

Simple data recording

The input screen shows you exactly what data are required for the indicators needed by your organization. The input is intuitive and requires no knowledge of sustainability.

Automatic creation of tables and graphs

Standard tables and graphics are prepared on the basis of the input data and the reporting standard, and integrated into the text of the report.

Objectives and measures analysis

Based on the data entered, the software presents the degree to which objectives have been achieved and helps you to develop target-oriented corrective measures.

Fully formatted customized reports

The report data can be exported in Word or PDF format. The Word file is fully editable so that it can be formatted in accordance with corporate design policy.


The software complies with international reporting standards, enabling certification of the reports generated.

Multilingual Reporting

The report can be created and exported in German and in English.

  Optional upgrades:

Site version

This includes all the features of the standard single-site software and adds the ability integrate multiple locations or organizational units into the reporting process.

Supply chain solution

Enables efficient supply chain management to avoid reputational risks and to provide a competitive advantage for suppliers.


Create professional sustainability, environmental or energy reports in a short time.

Click here for an example of a customer report:


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