The 360report Team

Philipp Depiereux

Philipp Depiereux CEO

Philipp Depiereux, is CEO of 360report. He is also founder and CEO of etventure. Already in 2012 360report was established under the umbrella of etventure. Philipp Depiereux possesses extensive experience in digitization for large and mediumsized enterprises in all sectors. In addition, he builds startups under the umbrella of etventure. Prior to founding etventure he restructured as CEO successfully a medium-sized company with about 250 employees and has worked in the management consulting.

Matthias Keitel - Mitgründer

Matthias Keitel Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Matthias Keitel is Head of Business Development Officer of 360report. From 2010 to 2012, he gained experience in project management, business development and sustainability reporting as Project Manager and Policy Analyst at SEKEM, the bio-pioneer in Egypt. During this time, he represented SEKEM inter alia in the steering committees of the UN Global Compact Caring for Climate Initiative and the National Employment Pact, an initiative for fair jobs of the German-Egyptian Business Community. Before, he worked at the consulting company adelphi co-authoring the BMU study “climate protection through capital investments”. Matthias has a MScEcon in International Politics from Aberystwyth University and a degree in Public Policy.

Simon Schnabel - Senior Product Manager

Simon Schnabel Senior Product Manager

Simon Schnabel is Product Manager and mainly responsible for the IT-performance of 360report. Simon graduated with a master´s degree in geography with an emphasis in „Social systems and sustainability – monitoring, modelling and management“. His master’s thesis was on “The evaluation of sustainability reporting in small and medium-sized companies”. Parallel to his studies, Simon gained first professional experience as an intern with ClimatePartner Deutschland GmbH and with the sustainability consulting company one sustainability. For one sustainability he compiled a water footprint for a Bavarian printing house.

Konrad Schwarz - Product Manager

Konrad Schwarz Product Manager

Konrad Schwarz supports the 360report team as Productmanager. Before studying Business Ethics & CSR Management at Zittau University he finished a dual study program in economics at the Berlin School of Economics in cooperation with the Media-Saturn-Holding. Additional to his practical skills in the fields of trade, customer management and project management he gained experience in product management during an internship. Konrad is a trained salesman.

Laura Sochaczewski - Product Manager

Laura Sochaczewski Product Manager

With Laura Sochaczewski a specialist for data analysis became part of the 360report team. Her former professional experience includes working in the academic as well as the private sector. Her interests lie in economics which has already influenced the focus of her studies (Master in Business and Economics): Environmental economics, politics and econometrics. Former lead her to 360report where she now supports the team as a product manager.

Hardy Nitsche Founder and Shareholder

Hardy Nitsche Founder & Shareholder

Hardy Nitsche is Founder and Shareholder of 360report. He represents 360report as a subject matter expert on sustainability and works as a consultant and active advisor for 360report in a number of projects. As the founding CEO he developed 360report over the last three years into one of the leading software-as-a-service reporting solutions. The modular software version was also built under his guidance, offering multiple reporting standards and a supply chain solution. He is an active speaker and expert on sustainability management issues. Prior to 360report he owned a consultancy specialised in SME and startups, i.e. supporting the go-to-market phase. Until 2008 Hardy was in various management positions at Epson. Hardy is a qualified banking officer and holds a MBA from the US, as well as a diploma in economics and business administration in Germany.

Alexander Rossner - Partner

Alexander Rossner Partner

Alexander Rossner is our partner and supports 360report as Consultant for strategic planning. Alexander has been dealing with the subject of sustainability for years in different functions. He is a lawyer and Partner of a cooperatively organized climate protection consultancy, which develops analyses, concepts, strategies and measures for medium sized companies. In prior positions, Alexander was Managing Director of a climate protection consultancy, Board Member of IT-companies and Partner of a law and tax and chartered accountancy firm.