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In recent years, public interest in the sustainability of economic activity has increased strongly. As a result, companies of all sizes and in all lines of business are increasingly confronted with this issue. Lots of them already use sustainability software tools for managing and controlling of their sustainability performance. Companies that practice sustainable corporate management report active benefits resulting from economic advantages and additional market opportunities.

Significance of sustainability and sustainablity reporting

Sustainable corporate practice implies a company's acceptance of social, ecologic and economic responsibility and the orientation of economic activities towards this responsibility. However, sustainability comprises more than good sustainability performance within the organization's own business operations. In addition, investors, suppliers and employees have to be geared to recognizing and maintaining the same values.

In particular, society's increasing focus on compliance with social standards and human rights, together with ecologically compatible management, leads to a rise in public pressure to which companies can only react with sustainable economic management and its documentation. Sustainability reporting software helps companies measureing and controlling their sustainability activities.

Benefits of sustainability and sustainability management

Operating in a sustainable manner generates several benefits. It fosters the confidence of customers and business partners as well as a positive public image. Furthermore it builds a competitive advantage for a company's market position and helps to anticipate and avoid risks arising from new legal standards. In knowing the exact sustainability data it is possible to identify cost drivers, for example inefficient energy and material use. 

Thus, sustainability is not only indispensable regarding ecological and social aspects; it also forms a basis of a corporate mission for long-term market success.

Sustainability reporting – no problem with 360report

Concurrent with the rising relevance of sustainability and sustainability management, so are the requirements for sustainability reporting increasing. Reporting should be orientated to global corporate social responsibility (CSR) standards. Important international standards are Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000 and Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG).

The sustainability reporting tool 360report covers all four standards and uses innovative input and output logic to reduce complexity. Thus, every company can generate a sustainability report which conforms to global accepted standards, quickly and easily.The software solution is the perfect tool for managing and reporting your sustainability performance and improve your company regarding to all relevant sustainability topics.